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I started printmaking several years ago. It has been a rewarding and exciting experience. I first studied with Catherine Kornel, a bookbinder and mixed media artist, took my first steps in monotype as the student of Ellen Kieffer, then more printmaking with Susanne Smith and Mario Rosales-Mejia. Both Catherine Kornel and Kent Manske introduced me to the world of book arts - this may be one of the most exciting fields for book lovers and artists these days. I am currently a student of design bookbinder Eleanore Ramsey. I am immensely grateful to all my extremely talented and generous teachers.
I am learning, discovering, making mistakes, learning again, and enjoying the whole thing immensely.
I like every part of the process of creating a piece. Sometimes, it is there waiting to be expressed; sometimes, you have to dig deeper, let it rest, muse along. It can be a real struggle, especially as I tend to explore many directions before narrowing down. The elimination process can be painful! There are very intense fractions of time when things get together. There are periods of reflection, trials and errors, other rounds of exploration. But what is just extraordinary exciting is to be in what Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as flow.
"I am what I am not yet"
was Maxine Greene's answer to the existential, uniquely human question "who am I?".
Like her, and especially when immersed in art, I feel like the excitement of exploration and enlightenment are still ahead. Yet, the immense joy of being in the creative moment is always renewed and never fades. It feeds on existing layers of the past but yearns for the uncertain, the possibility of the future.
It is this process of explorative and constant learning that educates my work and my life.