Les Bicyclettes Font la Chaîne

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open - 59 X 18 cm, closed - 19 x 5.7 cm


EV of 3


hand made abaca paper, archival digital inks, custom round box with decorative paper, rivets.

I have always felt there was some resemblance between dogs and bicycles that wait, attached to a post, for their human companions. There is within their expectancy something mysterious that I tried to capture in this book. These bicycles both real and rooted in my imagination form a chain that give them, maybe, an opportunity to escape their terrestrial ties.

There are waiting bicycles, attached bicycles, free bicycles that do not move, there are abandoned bicycles, there are knocked down bicycles, petrified bicycles, bicycles that are having a quiet good time, transformed bicycles, tattered bicycles, used bicycles, damaged bicycles, others that sparkle in daylight and also in nighttime, there are bicycles respectful of traffic signs and others that hug them tenderly, there are bicycles in display in the window that pose or cry or beg you to offer them some adventure or better a piece of life, there are bicycles that make you smile and others that break your heart, there are bicycles that have been around for such a long time, there are detrimental abandoned bicycles that will be removed and non detrimental abandoned bicycles that will be removed too, there are bicycles locked to a parking meter, there are small bicycles, big bicycles, bicycles that lost a wheel and others that added an extra one, there are metamorphosed bicycles, bicycles with a past and bicycles that dream of a future, there are accessorized bicycles, fashion bicycles and urban bicycles and their rural cousins too, there are passé bicycles, funny bicycles, utilitarian bicycles, peculiar bicycles, dashing bicycles, a little rusty bicycles, there are punctured bicycles, wrecked bicycles, patched bicycles, there are garnished bicycles and others that look you straight in the eye, there are young bicycles and others a bit older, there are teenager bicycles, there are pretty reckless bicycles and others afraid of everything, there are tired bicycles, bicycles that have already worked so much, there are bicycles of burden and others that fool around, there are bicycles that would love to play hooky but what about the damn chain around their neck…one would like to free them, there you go; one would like to see them move, express themselves a bit more, dance, run, laugh, dream, tell their stories like we tell ours, not chained, not attached.

translation of artist's text from french...

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