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Long stitch binding


each book is about 12x 8 x 2cm




handmade felt with merino wool and silk thread, handmade flax and abaca paper, hand dyed hanji, botanical prints, cotton thread

I learned to make felt with my friend Annie, a botanist in Brittany who is also a poet and wonderful artist. When I visited her in 2023, we experimented printing on various mulberry papers. She does beautiful botanical prints on textile but we had no idea how it would work on paper. Back in California, I continued this journey. I print on hanji and kozo with local plants. I also color my papers with natural dyes.

Revisiting a project I worked on many years ago, Softcovers, I now mix textile and paper to create objects that want to be touched and held close. They are soft and sensuous. They reflect the seasons in Northern California. These first three were made in Spring 2024, when the hills are green, the days get longer and everything blooms.

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