Circular Time

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Rivet (invented by artist)


3 x 13 cm


handmade paper, archival digital prints from photography and drawings, beeswax, rivets.

Circular Time Story is one example of my exploration (and past obsession!) with circular shapes. That has led me to explore a wide variety of cycles. Making my own paper enabled me to have natural deckles on round leaves and opened up the door for circular time story (time), a book for laure (time and memory) and les bicyclettes font la chaƮne (bicycles)! In these books I also explore freedom and attachment. The book is bound but the lightness and transparency of the paper suggests a possible escape. How we deal with time educates the way we live our lives. I like how the narrative changes when dealing with circular shapes.

As a child, I had nightmares of infinity. Now, the familiar theme of time passing beats loud and deep. Watches, like books, no longer play the role they had in the past. I never knew my grandmother but I often wear her very small wrist watch. It provides me with inconsistent, poetic and familiar time.

This book was also inspired by the hills and shores of California, the music of Dave Brubeck and the village of Sils Maria where Friedrich Nietzsche wrote about the concept of eternal return.

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