Forêt Voisine

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French full leather


  • author: Maurice Genevoix
  • illustrator: A. Beaufrère
  • press: Paris, Le Livre Contemporain
  • year: 1949


  • Yonatan Maor: Laser etching support


29.3 x 24 x 3.7cm


green-brown goatskin leather, laser etched design on back, front, spine, and doublures, graphite and charcoal hand drawing on top edge, edge-to-edge goatskin doublures, suede flyleaves, hand sewn silk endbands, leather onlay on back.

Nearby yet mysterious is the forest we discover through the poetic and enchanting descriptions of Genevoix and the gorgeous etchings of Beaufrère. Among the many metamorphoses and secrets of the living forest is the ancient making of charcoal which I used to draw on the book and imagined again as I mixed words and images to burn the leather. The multiple and various inhabitants of the forest are all summed up in the tiny red throat bird onlayed on the back and inspired by a watercolor of Genevoix.

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