Prise de Tête

main image for Prise de Tête


multiple bindings


50 x 50 x 45 cm


EV of 2


various colors of goatskin suede, silk covered steel wire, neodymium magnets, kozo and various decorative papers, linen and silk thread, metal rod, and pedestal.

From metaphors to metamorphoses, the idea-birds are transformed into mini story books emerging from the head of a benevolent Medusa who dreams, whose snakes are silky eels and whose gaze is an invitation to reading and binding.

The origami books and birds perch on silky stems with the help of mini-magnets; when books are ripe, they drop from the branches inviting the audience to discover some of my favorite binding structures such as Carmencho Arregui’s cross bindings, Ben Elbel’s Tue Mouches or Jan Peter Zimmerlich’s woven inventions.

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