Passages of Babel

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hinged folding pyramid structure


  • Yonatan Maor and Eli Gaskin: Laser and CAD support


31x 31 x 89 cm closed


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Book board, Cave paper hand dyed by the binder, tyvek, brass rods and tubing, neodymium magnets

Conversation is an art. It requires knowing and doubting, strong senses and a flexible mind, playfulness and depth or maybe just sheer curiosity. Passages of Babel is a place for conversation. It is particularly interested in language and translation. It focuses on the space in between two or several idiolects -in the words of George Steiner. It is a bare tower, exposed to the open skies and drafty. The walls fold/unfold to better migrate towards meaningful exchanges. Several of these discussions will take the form of an artists’ book, exhibited in the tower and printed as series of zines/booklets and digital content to better spread ideas and continue the conversation. Arise by Any Other Name is the first of these collaborations, with poet and writer Samuel Mignot.

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