main image for sleep


model A box (invented by Eleanore Ramsey)


14.5 x 12.3 x 3 cm


handmade paper and sensuede, tea bags, silk ribbons, neodymium magnets

This project was created for the Dutch Box your Book competition. This small book that pictures people sleeping in public places never fails to move me. The characters captured in such vulnerable moments remind all of us of the incredible power of sleep and its intrinsic necessity for our survival. I wanted to offer some kind of protection to the faces and bodies that became so familiar even though I never met them. The box is bare, covered in neutral color handmade paper to reflect the street, sidewalks and hard grounds on which so many must catch some zzzs. But inside the box is a mattress and cover hoping to offer some cushion for possible dreams:)

image 1 for sleep image 2 for sleep