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Accordion binding


28 x 18 x 2 cm and 22 x 18 x 3 cm.


EV of 2


bookboard, cashmere and Mia Zia fabric lined with kozo. Arches, kozo, shell and Thai unryu papers, linen thread, archival Epson ink.


University of Louisville, Rare Books Special Collections

Two books in this softcover series. Each book in this series is unique. They share a theme: cover is soft, content is...not soft! In "c'est doux mais รงร  pique", the theme is interpreted literally. Your hands want to stroke the book as you would a furry pet, yet the book opens on a series of prints of cacti, which thorns you try and avoid. On the other side, the latin names of many members of the Cactaceae are printed on Kozo and torn as if the paper got caught on the thorns and partially shred.

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