Trou d'Eau

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reliure à cru


  • author: Jean-Louis Giovannoni
  • illustrator: Stéphanie Ferrat
  • press: les mains, Marcoux, France
  • year: 2014


12 x 9 x 1 cm


natural goatskin, leather endbands, suede pastedowns and flyleaves, leather onlays, handmade flax paper, clamshell box with M. Hark paper

With their twelve small books "Les Moches", Stéphanie Ferrat and Jean-Louis Giovannoni put the spotlight on insects that nobody likes, cockroaches, aphids, woodlice, and other forms of life that pullulate close to us, if we dare to look. In "trou d'eau", we encounter the weird universe of creatures that thrive in the uninviting yet fascinating water hole.

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