I love working in book arts; it is a remarkably creative field that draws from a wide variety of crafts and arts. When some may blame the digital revolution for the book's demise, one may argue that e-reading intensified the need for seeing, feeling, touching, smelling artists' books. I am an enthusiastic reader and have always loved books. This naturally led me to make my own.

In creating a book, I enjoy the entire process. Researching a topic, drawing connections, looking for materials, experimenting with processes, building mock-ups, collaborating with poets, makers and artists, making or dyeing paper, fabric, leather, printing, sewing, constructing various structures, all is exciting and each project takes a life of its own. I like that inspiration can arise from different places but that in the end all pieces must fit together, a bit like a puzzle. I love to combine old tools and techniques with the latest technology. I love to experiment.

In pursuing the book as art object, I am also interested in what happens when the object gets manipulated. The readers/viewers invent yet another narrative. They tell their story and while I may not capture it, I am curious at what it is and what if? I like to discover what happens in this interaction. I cherish our ability to be moved by works of art and I love witnessing it.

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